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Nothing is more frustrating than being abroad, completely lost with a tour ticket sold by someone who knows nothing about the destination you are in. We should know because we have been working here since 1984, developing and operating shore excursions, and we have witnessed such a situation countless times. It is not that foreign large companies were doing something wrong; it just happens they didn’t really know the battle field so it is potentially confusing for their customers.

Since we became with the idea of getting into web sailing as Tour Finder, we knew we didn’t want that for our customers. We are a company with a big goal, connect our customers with extraordinary experiences.

Thus, we strived to provide a friendly and carefree online tour marketplace for our customers dream vacations come true and to develop a friendly reservation system and a safe (and efficient) online payment transaction program.

We are committed to a top-level customer service making sure that all your expectations and needs are taking care of in real time; this is the main reason why we will be by your side during the entire process, with an English-speaking call center and online attention at your service.

We are experts in making it good.

"We are native locals, we grew with the development of our homeland and we witnessed it to become a world-favorite destination. We are experts in making it good."

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Imagen tulum
Imagen tulum